Things are moving on with the update of our Mayfair home, albeit slowly due to my travel and work schedule. Being hands on can sometimes be a curse…!  

I have been amazed at the range and quality of products on offer today and it has been an arduous task to reach a decision about the companies I have chosen.

One of the first decisions I made was to refit the kitchen floor and worktops. We have had an Amtico floor for the last 25 years or so and in researching alternatives we came to the conclusion that there really was nothing better. Our carpet layer Steve, whose company Carpet Express in Pimlico we have used for years, sent an Amtico expert who had the old floor lifted and new one laid in a week.

Our newly laid Amtico kitchen floor

When it came to the worktops I consulted a firm in Yorkshire called Sheridan.  Based on their advice and considerable knowledge of available products, I decided to use Corian. The beauty of Corian is that it can be moulded to any shape and joined together so you end up with a seamless work surface which looks as if it is all one piece. The team of Sheridan fitters who came to measure and eventually fit the new worktops were fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

We now have a beautiful new kitchen in which to enjoy my wife’s cordon bleu cooking!

The clamps on the worktop are joining the pieces of Corian together and the end result is a completely invisible seam

Our first meal in our new kitchen was roast pork with lots of crackling – one of my favourites!