20 years ago I had a High Density Mobile Storage system installed in the garage at home, as well as in a store room in the basement.  As I wanted to tart up the garage as part of the Project 46 refurbishment, I thought I would need to give the shelving a service.  Andrew Musty, who has been involved in the design and manufacture of space saving mobile shelving systems for over 25 years and whose company EZR Shelving installed the system, came to look it over and said the mobile shelving was in perfect working order and just needed lubrication.

As a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers I am an advocate of quality, which is exactly what I got; 20 years on the fantastic moving shelves are just as good as the day they were put in and only needed a bit of WD40. I have got the roller racking systems in the garage and basement store room.

The moving shelves double the storage capacity of conventional shelving and the three moving shelving units in the garage can be rolled to the far end, allowing two cars to fit into the garage.

Andrew Musty and Sir Stirling check over the garage shelving


Stirling slides the shelving to the left…


…so he can step in and reach the things he wants