British motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has died at the age of 90 following a long illness.

British motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has died at the age of 90 following a long illness.

He is widely regarded as once of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time, even though he did not win the World Championship.

Moss retired from public life in January 2018 because of ongoing health problems.

“It was one lap too many, he just closed his eyes,” said his wife Lady Moss.Obituary: ‘Sir Stirling Moss – the man who personified motorsport’

Moss previously spent 134 days in hospital after suffering a chest infection while on holiday in Singapore in December 2016.

He won 16 of the 66 F1 races he competed in from 1951 to 1961.

He became the first British driver to win a home grand prix in 1955 at Aintree.

Moss famously lost out on the F1 title in 1958 to compatriot Mike Hawthorn after vouching for his rival and preventing him being disqualified when he was accused of reversing on track in the late-season Portuguese Grand Prix.

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  1. To Lady Moss and the rest of the family – my heartfelt condolences on the passing of Sir Stirling

    I met him once at the Festival of Speed – the Mercedes mechanics were firing up the SLR ready for him to take it up the hill – he was chatting to everyone and I told him he was a lucky chap to be able to drive such a machine
    “Yes, I am very lucky” he said – “it’s the greatest race car ever made”

    He was a nice chap – God bless all of you

  2. So sorry to hear Stirling has passed away. He was a real gentleman of motor racing and will be fondly remembered. One of the last of the old school of F1 drivers whose driving skills were second to none.
    Arthur Wolstenholme
    M.D. Vanwall Cars 2006 -2014

  3. Suzie, so sorry to hear Stirling has passed. He was my hero ever since I hung over the straw bales at Charter Hall as a 6 year old and he won every race in which he participated.
    You may recall he signed my programme from that event at Bicester but sadly his illness prevented me meeting him again.
    I know he will be truly missed by many but this fan in particular.
    Wishing you the very best at this difficult time, Peter West.

  4. Sir Stirling Moss , a great man, when you think of formula one you always think of him.

    We will miss him greatly, forever in our hearts ♥️

    Alexandra Beechey x

  5. Dear Lady Susie, so sad to hear the news in the passing of Sir Stirling this morning,
    I am sure my Grandad will be waiting for him to guide him through the Alps of Heaven as he did through the Alps of Europe in the 50’s as his Co-Driver.
    With Deepest Sympathy to you and all the family
    From Wayne Cutts (Grandson of the late Joseph Arthur Cutts known as John)

  6. Hi, I’m reaching out from CNN in London. I have heard the tragic news that Stirling Moss has passed away. Is this website formally connected to Sir Moss, and if so, does the family have a statement?

    Thank you,

  7. Dear Lady Susie,

    I just wanted to message to pass on my most sincere condolences.
    I met both yourself and Sir Stirling a few years ago at Goodwood. You both graciously took your time to speak with me and allowed me to have my photograph taken with Sir Stirling.
    He was my boyhood hero and they say you should never meet your heroes as they disappoint. Sir Stirling certainly did not. He was and will always be an absolute Gentleman. I will always remember him fondly and I hope that you are able to find comfort in the memories he left.
    Thinking of you and your family at this sad time.
    Sending my warmest regards and condolences.

    Ken Dine

  8. I am so, so sorry to hear of the passing of “the greatest” I am 84 and have been a follower of Motor Sport ever since I saw Stirling racing at Crystal Palace in the 50’s and have followed his career ever since. I wept when he crashed at Goodwood and followed his exploits afterwards. He was a true sportsman, a superb driver and a true gent. He will not be surpassed.
    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  9. Stirling,
    Thank you for your life’s work of driving and entertaining the world, you were the greatest English racing driver and good round egg that the works has ever seen.
    Rest in peace.
    Thinking of your wife and family at this time, our deepest sympathy’s are with you.

  10. I just couldn’t let this historic moment pass without comment, I was fortunate to have spent a week hosting sir stirling moss back in the late eighties while a sponsor of the New Zealand motor show in Auckland . I have to say that like many others I have never met a truer gentleman or someone that truly gives an aura , an absolute pleasure to have spent a blink in time of his wonderful life. I will never forget his kindness and advices during that short period or the wonderful stories he left us, fortunately some on video via local TV stations of which I have am lucky enough to have copy. RIP Sir, My respects to your family .

  11. A true legend and very sad news to hear of Stirlings passing. As a fan he had the decency to reply to my email which most sportman would have passed over. Never forget a true gentleman of sport who’s achievements were gained during the sports most dangerous of racing periods.

  12. Lady Moss,
    Condolences to you and your family.
    A great British gentleman I have always considered to be my hero and who personified the British spirit.
    May he rest in peace.
    Ian Whittaker

  13. Sir Stirling Moss was the most flexible driver of all time. He could race a Formula 1 car when he had no big names backing him and still win in circuits which required
    driver supremacy over cars like Monaco and Nurburgring.
    He could drive prototypes in LeMans and street cars like Mille Miglia and win. No other driver achieved his degree of adaptability to all racing cars. He was the best.

  14. Just a quick message on a sad day. Just read about the passing of Stirling. The journalists will
    have better words than I do. I used to race, started in 1965 and stopped in 2005 when a steering arm broke at the top of eau rouge and I messed up some tyres and broke the car and my spine. Since then I found things to do with a computer, so I do know what its like to race and be badly injured. I have an idea that Stirling will have a holiday home up the road from Fangio and other lost friends. Maybe a kart track nearby for some harmless fun? You bet. Stirling was my boyhood hero, he spoke to me at Silverstone when I was young, and was really nice to me. Gosh, he was an amazing gentleman wasn’t he ?

  15. As a 12 year old boy, Sir Stirling was my hero. What made this so was obviously his supreme talent, but it was also his selfless sportsman-like actions, particularly toward Mike Hawthorn at the 1958 Portuguese GP, that elevated him to me. It is said, do not meet your heroes, but decades later, I did, at Shelsley Walsh. When I told him I remembered this incident all those years back – in a very nervous tongue-tied way despite being in my ’50’s – he was quite affected. He was so genuine, so approachable, no ‘side’, it simply confirmed to me what a great soul he was. While I knew he was in the World, it made it seem a better place. A light has gone out. I will never forget him. Thinking of you all. Very sincerely, David Barrie

  16. Dear Lady Moss

    My condolences of the passing of the legend that was Sir Stirling.

    I write particularly because my late husband’s company had the privilege of dealing with Sir Stirling on several occasions when supplying some of our products. I recall a conversation with him over 30 years ago and my stepson and a number of colleagues had dealings with him and visited Shepherd’s Market in the course of supplying and commissioning goods, the last time being, I believe, within the last five years. Every one of us was left with an indelible memory of a delightful, charming, enthusiastic, patriotic, intelligent and utterly lovely person. He was unfailingly generous with his time and PR opportunities for our company.

    Having lost my husband nearly two years ago at the age of 90, following declining health over four years, you have my profound sympathy. It was the stillness in the house I was not prepared for, but one was thankful that such a vital person was no longer having to endure the unkindnesses that old age and the failing of the body visit upon us. It is a time of a maelstrom of emotions and it takes a couple of years to adjust, although the world keeps turning and life, in some form or another, goes on.

    My very best of good wishes to you.

    Yours sincerely

    (Mrs) A M H Hamilton

  17. Please can you pass on our condolences to Lady Moss and her family. He will be truly missed. My Dad was his biggest fan and has been since he was 12 years old.
    CARON Stone.

  18. We have just heard the very sad news that Stirling has died after a long illness. Our deepest sympathy to his wife Susie – from all at Sporting Icon – celebrating the life of legends

  19. A hero of my distant youth, so sorry to hear of Sir Stirling’s death.
    I was privileged to see him drive.
    He wrote Foreword to one of my books.
    Sportsman, gentleman and enthusiast – unlike most modern F1 drivers – we won’t see his likes again.
    Condolences to Lady Susan and his family.
    Brendan Lynch

  20. I would like to express my sincere condolences to all connected with Sir Stirling, especially his immediate family. He was, without doubt, the first great British motor sportsman, and no doubt a boyhood hero to many of my age.

    I will always cherish the photograph he kindly signed for me in 2007 of him taking part in a cavalcade of classic racing cars in Birmingham.

    The world of motor sport has lost a true legend, but the wider world has lost a true gentleman. Rest In Peace, Sir Stirling, the chequered flag has fallen.

  21. Dear Susie Moss,

    I would like to give to you to the whole Moss family my solidarity for sir’s Stirling Moss passing to the other side of life.
    I followed his work as a sports journalist, absorbed each word of his testimonials and saw many films of his exploits and victories in the long career of a pilot. Always brilhant!
    Be at peace!

    Marco Damiani – Brazil

  22. Susie,

    We are saddened to hear about Stirling’s passing.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Stirling and your family.

    We were introduced to you & Stirling in Carmel during Pebble Beach by Dennis & Susan Hoyt. We all share the same wedding anniversary date. We are also friends of Marianne & the late Stuart MacDunna. Marianne also sends her condolences as well as Dennis & Susan.

  23. My Wife and I from Toronto met Sir Stirling and Lady Moss at the 2013 Sante Fe Concourso where he was the guest of honour. The honour was totally ours and I had a wonderful conversation with him and Norman Dewis. I have a picture with the two of them and myself that I will always treasure. Lady Moss made my wife promise we would take a cruise on Seabourne as she said they do and we must. Well, we did and that memory will always be connected to a truly outstanding man. Please accept our sincere condolences.

  24. Dear Susie and family,

    My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your dear Stirling. I fondly remember the times we spent in New Zealand when Geoff too was still alive.

    Take care, be well in this very difficult time,

    Barbara Manning

  25. Dear Suzie,

    Lady Moss. My heart is with you. I absolutely cherished my time with your and with Sir Stirling on several occasions in New Zealand and when I came to Shepherd Street to interview your husband for my book 50 Years on Track.

    His subsequent absolutely charming letter is in a frame on my wall and I am looking at it as I write this.

    You have friends all over the world and especially in New Zealand as you know. We are thinking of you with love.

  26. My heartfelt condolences to Lady Susie, Mandy, Elliott & family
    It was an absolute privilege to have met you all and to have been fortunate enough to work for you
    Today is a very sad day for Britain… we have truly lost a real gem…
    I will never get tired hearing his stories and telling them all to my friends and family…
    God bless you Sir Stirling Moss!

    I will be watching the DVD you gave me later on!!

    Jace Clayden x

  27. I express my deep condolences to Mrs Moss and to the family members and friends. I am a deputy editor of the French website endurance-info and endurance-classic. I assure you that French people have been very touched by Sir Stirling’s death. I have been lucky enough to see Sir Stirling at Le Mans for some 24 Hours, and more recently in a Motor Racing Legends race at Le Mans too with his Osca. He was one my motorsport idols.

  28. first met Mr Moss at the Glen in the 90’s when I was in my 20’s to seen him race a vintage lotus for the win with ease. Additionally, I had seen him race at Laguna a few times too and it was always nice to see him enjoy the events and was one of the few race drivers I have met who felt racing & Motorsport in every way.

    Amazing career and I’m fortunate to share the same birthday and will always continue with toast on 9/17 to the greatest race driver and hero of many!

    My thoughts are with his family and friends and may Sir Stirling be racing something wonderful to win in the sky.

  29. Thought from Italy for Sir Stirling Moss

    Dear Stirling,
    I have never had the pleasure of meeting you personally but to see your face you gave off trust and sympathy. I’ve never even had the privilege to see you race, but only to read your deeds in the encyclopedias of Formula 1. Your loyalty to the English teams has all my respect, even if you also piloted Mercedes and Maserati. You were contemptuous of the danger, you always went to the maximum and together with Fangio and Ascari you were the best of your time.
    Your name is not written on the roll of honor but your legend goes beyond numbers. I hope you can do many pole positions up there with your Lotus 21.

    May he rest in peace


  30. To Lady Susie Moss & family
    I was also born on 17 September and was lucky, with my mum (now aged 86), to meet Sir Stirling and you Susie at the Bicester Flywheel Festival in 2016. You were both so kind to us as you sprinkled the Moss magic to everyone there. Sir Stirling will forever be a legend.
    Martin Harris, Oxford

  31. Very sad to hear about Stirling.

    He and my father went through some pretty brutal bullying at Haileybury, my father hated the place – but they somehow also shared some memories of pranks.

    My Dad and Stirling in the same class at Haileybury.

    Two memories my father told me about were:

    They had one teacher who was old and very wobbly …… the classroom was a very high ceilinged room with those lights like flying saucers that hang a long way down.

    The prank they played was to tie all of the 6 or 8 ceiling lamps together, have a thin bit of cotton hanging down to one desk and when this teacher was at the front of the class one of them held the cotton and moved all the lights in a swaying motion at the same time as the class did the same.

    The teacher got vertigo and they got a class off!


    There was actually another prank they got up to as kids – tuck shops were what kids were interested in in those days – crisps and liquorice sticks, not phones and apps.

    Kids pinch sweets from each other and my Dad and Stirling had a scheme for countering the thefts – liquorice sticks being hollow – they squirted strong english mustard inside and left them hidden in their desks.

    Culprits were easily caught as the habit was to munch sweets quietly during classes when the teacher’s back was turned.

    It was quite effective apparently.

    They are only small silly memories of another side of Stirling.

    Personally I remember meeting him at F1 races from time to time. Always a gentleman.

    James Penrose
    ex Team Lotus, Arai Helmet, Hans, FIA

  32. I am the same age as Stirling was when he died and I have been a fan of racing in the era when it was racing, not as it is today. Stirling was always ‘top man’ to look out for when I went to the early meetings and like the later Jim Clark he never disappointed. I met both occasionally at race and club meetings and they were always courteous, kind, attentive to what you had to say, real gentlemen. I was at Goodwood the day Stirling had his big accident and took a photo of his car just seconds beforehand. Although I knew it had occurred, it was not until on the way home that I realised how serious the crash was. I was devastated as Stirling had been my idol. God bless him and my condolences to those around him at the end.

  33. My friend Lysle and I saw Stirling Moss at the vintage car races at Sear’s Point in California many years ago. He was outgoing and jolly as the Grand Marshall of the races that weekend and seemed to enjoy our small crowd of gawkers.
    Here is a true mark of his character:
    As Lysle and I watched, the wife of a smitten admirer asked Moss if she could take a picture of them both. Moss agreed and welcomed the star-struck man over. But before the wife could snap the picture, he motioned to another onlooker to take the camera from the Mrs.and had her join them with his arms around both of them for the snapshot of a lifetime.
    A True Gentleman.
    Matt Fox

  34. Such sad news to hear of an absolute legend passing.
    My condolences to his family.
    I will always strive to be a bit like Stirling Moss in everything he personified.
    Rest In Peace.

  35. Met Sir Stirling and his good wife on a Seabourne cruise a few years ago , lovely couple and was very privileged to have a picture taken with him , what a guy , what a life , a true Brit !
    God bless To all his family
    Craig & Judith Douglas

  36. Bonjour ,
    La famille MOSS a t’elle un lien avec les boîtes à vitesses Moss de quelques voitures Jaguar ? Sa taille était bien de 1,76 cm ? Merci !
    jean robert mengelle FRANCE


  38. Deeply saddened to hear about Stirling, our thoughts are with his family.
    Although I never met Stirling personally, I was always impressed with his dancing of the twist at the Motor Racing club dinner at Christchurch airport after the Lady Wigram trophy race in Christchurch earlier that day. The newspaper clipping reads: “the band played “The Twist” and Moss took his partner to a partly-screened section of the cabaret to dance with her in comparative privacy’.

  39. Stirling Moss, one of motorsport’s most famous personalitie­­s, sent me straight to my racing diary. For most years of our lives, my generation followed his every race, the drama of his career and his good cheer in retirement. Moss became an idol of mine. As a teenager, I was present as he won the 1954 Sebring in an OSCA. At one of the Mille Miglias in which I participated (1986, 1987), we had a private lunch. Because it is impossible to corner anywhere near potential on a blind curve and many curves were made blind by the crowds, I wondered how Stirling drove these situations. “Carefully and scared” was his modest response. In 2015 at Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, I was happy to discover that he recalled our lunch in Italy, as well as my Cannonball. I am honored to have shared adventure stories with such an iconic race driver and outstanding person.

  40. El 12 de abril falleció Sir Stirling Moss a la edad de 90 años.
    Seguro se preguntarán por qué no lo publiqué antes y no estaba muy segura si en mis palabras podría abarcar la grandeza de este gran corredor del Automovilismo.
    Cuando me adentré en serio en la historia de ruedas y motores, que conocí de las carreras Grand Prix de Cuba de 1957 y 1958 seguí de cerca su quehacer y siendo la Relacionista Pública de la Peña Amigos de Fangio tuve la oportunidad de cartearme con el durante años.
    Le invitamos a visitarnos en varias ocasiones, para que estuviera junto a nosotros en los homenajes que hicimos siempre en febrero, mes en que fueron ambas competiciones. No pudo venir, pero siempre nos contestó con jovialidad y respeto.
    No tuve la oportunidad de estrechar su mano, no tengo su autógrafo en el libro de visitantes, no existe una foto mía con él.

    No importa, la eternidad me da y nos da la posibilidad de estrechar su mano, darle un abrazo, y decirle, como así le escribí hace algunos años: “Sir Stirling Moss, Cuba le espera nuevamente y le premiará como el gran campeón que es”

    Nuestras condolencias a sus familiares, a sus amigos, a la familia del Automovilismo y al pueblo británico por esta gran perdida.

    Club de Autos Clásicos Británicos
    Lupe Fuentes Macías Presidenta del Club

  41. My Condolences to the Family.
    I have always been a big fan of Sterling Moss.
    Living in Canada now, but came from the Netherlands where I saw
    him racing at the Zandvoort Circuit in the early 1950’s
    Loved the old style racing cars of the 50’s over the current designs.
    Jan Ytsma

  42. Dear Susie,
    Very sad on Stirling passing.
    We had a few good time with the 2 of you at The Point in Albert Park on your visits.
    Have some wonderful photos as memories.
    Take care.
    Kind regards.
    Eva and George

  43. My condolences to Stirling’s family in his passing… a great driver, I asked him some time back on email, about a prize my late father received. H. C. C. Harrow Car Club. Moss Trophy Trial. 1st Class. G. Pentony. 5-3-1950, a cigarette lighter still in original box never used.. He said it would have been presented to my father, Gerard Pentony by his father, Alfred Moss.. my late father was with Moss & Lawson in Thornton Heath. Surrey, Michael Lawson… sometimes I would meet up with Stirling when visiting the business.. I lived in Streatham then, but now in New Zealand. RIP Stirling..

  44. My deepest sympathy is extended to the family. I was 11 years old
    when I watched Stirling win at Watkins Glen in 1960. He inspired me to be an automotive artist when I read in “All But My Life” : Whats the sense of living if you can’t do one thing very well? I have come back to that statement often throughout my life. Thank you Stirling.

  45. I had the great privilege of being introduced to Stirling by my late father, Ugo Bragoni, at Concours d’elegance Pebble Beach in 1997. My condolences to the Moss family; the motorsports world will never know another who was not only a legendary driver but the consummate gentlemen.

  46. So sad that Sir Stirling is no longer with us, in my view the greatest and most adaptable racing driver of them all. It is to be hoped he is now able to meet up with “Jenks” again and reminisce over that wonderful drive. I met him once at a school In Letchworth “An evening with Stirling Moss”. It was a mark of the man that he was prepared to give up his time to come and talk to what was only about a dozen people in a small classroom. I asked him what he thought of the Aston Martin…”fastest lorry I’ve ever driven!”
    Just the best, his memory will live on.

  47. Sir Stirling has passed into history, in my view the greatest and most adaptable racing driver of them all. It is to be hoped he is now able to meet up with “Jenks” again and reminisce over that wonderful drive. I met him once at a school In Letchworth “An evening with Stirling Moss”. It was a mark of the man that he was prepared to give up his time to come and talk to what was only about a dozen people in a small classroom. I asked him what he thought of the Aston Martin…”fastest lorry I’ve ever driven!”
    Just the best, his memory will live on.

  48. To Mrs Moss and the rest of the family

    Please receive my warmest condolences on the passing of Sir Stirling MOSS.

    I am a french citizen, passionate of British sport cars specifically Austin Healey, Lotus, but admiring British driving legends like Sir Stirling Moss.
    I never had a chance to met him, but my club (Club Healey France) did on June 2004 in Montlhéry.

    I just wanted to send to you my personnal regards : leaving family and friends in such confinement and closed period, without accompaniment should be more than painful.
    We are many individuals accompanying you and keeping Monsieur Stirling MOSS in our passionate hearts.

    God bless all of you
    Jean Philippe, Bordeaux, FRANCE

  49. To Suzie and the family. Very sorry to hear of Stirling’s passing. My family’s deepest sympathies to his family and friends

    A motorsport legend and true gentleman. The sport will never forget.

  50. Although Stirling was originally my older brother’s hero, he became mine and my younger son’s, too. One, about 25 years ago, my two sons decided to write to ask sports personalities for their autographs. Although they received pictures, etc. from the others, Stirling was the only one who sent a personal letter, to my son Desmond. That letter is treasured by him to this day.

    To Lady Moss, family and friends, we send our sincere condolences.

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